Finally, a single logistics platform linking farmers, dispatchers, and drivers.

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With AgLoads, you can easily move a load from field to dispatch, driver to bin, with total tracking, data security, and quick reporting.


Three apps, one platform.

With your AgLoads Dispatcher subscription, you can invite contacts to use the AgLoads Farmer and AgLoads Driver apps.

AgLoads Farmer

  • Simple load request
  • Loads created in just a few clicks
  • Location control
  • Precise truck placement using Field Park™ tool
  • Real-time insight
  • Trackable weight, unit, and grade factors

AgLoads Dispatcher

  • Simplified dispatch
  • Custom drop-downs and pre-populated fields
  • Complete oversight
  • Load data and truck locations visible in real time
  • Clean-Trailer® feature
  • Requires drivers to complete digital affidavits

AgLoads Driver

  • Route planning
  • Optional navigation with Trimble’s ALK CoPilot Truck
  • Continuous-loop loads
  • Loads auto-generated for repeat trips
  • Equipment maintenance logs
  • Streamlined receipt log and record-keeping
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Everyone makes promises about the miracle of software. What makes AgLoads different?

AgLoads recognizes that the best tech doesn’t replace trusted relationships: it strengthens them. The result? A system that combines the latest in digital solutions with the realities and values of the ag industry itself.

Stay a load ahead of the competition.


No sky-high fees or costly training

cloud lock

Full data privacy and security

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Designed for food law compliance

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